Building intelligent, sustainable enterprises in Hong Kong

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After more than two years of pandemic disruption, new challenges continue to shake the business world. Trade and geopolitical tensions, changing work patterns, new sustainability imperatives and the slow pace of economic recovery have forced companies to find new paths to profitability and growth.

With online platforms offering a lifeline for commerce, secure finance operations and remote work have become crucial. Companies in Hong Kong initially moved rapidly to adopt or fast-track digitalisation projects—even if some of these were small and piecemeal, responding only to immediate needs.

 As time has gone on, however, and the scale of the challenges and opportunities has become more apparent, many companies are now rethinking their entire business operations. 

“In an increasingly volatile world, enterprises that take a data-enabled holistic view of their financial, social, and environmental performance are more likely to be able to adapt and be resilient. Leveraging cloud technologies, companies can transform into intelligent, networked, sustainable enterprises and make data-based decisions that help them respond rapidly and stay relevant,” says Rajni Sharma, Managing Director, SAP Hong Kong. 

She explains that intelligent enterprises are powered by data with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and experience management (XM). This provides a more holistic view of the business and the landscape in which it operates, removing friction across business processes, improving interactions with employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders and fuelling growth with innovation.

“This kind of transformation is not only a change in process, but also a chance to rethink growth opportunities and help everyone—from staff to suppliers to customers—work together better to propel the business forward,” Sharma says.

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Seeing the whole picture

SAP supports companies on this journey with RISE with SAP. A service from SAP, it enables businesses to accelerate cloud adoption in order…