Bullied and beaten: Singapore girls gang up on crying girl in car park (Videos)

Scenes of a girl mercilessly beat down in a car park by a group of girls have been troubling viewers since they surfaced this morning.

Clips show a girl in a white jacket ganged up on by three girls in black in a car park, while two guys in red watch from the sidelines. It was not known where and when the incident took place.

“You badmouthed her?” one of the girls can be heard saying in the video posted by Sgfollowsall today.

In the videos, the attackers splash water, slap, kick, punch, and whack the girl, who tearfully tries to shield herself and winces in pain. At one point, the victim runs and holds onto one of the guys in red, who then makes a halfhearted attempt to defend her from more attacks.

According to Singaporeuncensored, the victim was blamed for “ruining” someone’s relationship.

The Singapore Police Force and Sgfollowsall have not immediately responded to Coconuts’ requests for information. 

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