Police are hunting down a man who broke into a Ma On Shan flat early Friday and put a woman in a chokehold before fleeing.

According to HK01, the woman, a 36-year-old surnamed Kwong living in Heng On Estate, woke up at around 1 am and realized the main door was not properly locked. As she was about to lock it, a man dashed into her apartment.

He pushed Kwong onto her bed and pressed his body against hers, causing her to feel suffocated

“No matter what you want—money or sex—I will give it to you. Spare my life, and let me see my daughter!” She yelled.

Replying that he merely wants money, the man strangled the woman, smashed her head against the wall, and ran away. 

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Still in shock, the victim called the police after he had left.

Preliminary police investigation suggests that no valuable property was lost except a lock, a chain of keys, and an anti-theft wide-angle lens.

The victim suffered neck and shoulder injuries and was sent to Prince of Wales Hospital, accompanied by a friend.

While the woman said she did not offend anyone, she reportedly revealed that somebody had left a mark on her front door and that she believes she was being followed prior to the incident.

In the hospital, she called her father in the US and told him that she had “nearly died,” and that she hopes to leave Hong Kong and return to the States soon.

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