A screen grab from a video showing the policemen stopping the woman as she steps out from her car.

PETALING JAYA: A cafe owner, recently fined for not wearing a face mask, has disputed a Johor police statement that she had been in a crowded public place.

The woman, Nur Izzati Aqilah Lokman Hakim, uploaded a CCTV recording of the moment she was fined on her social media, saying there was no one else around at the time besides four policemen and her children.

Nur Izzati admitted that she was wrong in not wearing a face mask as she stepped out of the car, but claimed that she had put it on after she was questioned by the police.

“At this point, I wouldn’t mind paying the RM1,000 (fine) but all I want is for people to know that I am not lying about the fact that I was not in a crowded area,” she said on Facebook.

Nur Izzati added that she was trying to obtain another CCTV recording from the shop she had visited before entering the cafe, as proof that she had worn her mask in a crowded area.

She also pointed out that the only worker in her cafe at the time was living with her in the same household.

On Twitter, Nur Izzati claimed that she had uploaded the recording in response to a post on the Johor police Facebook page, but said the comment might have been hidden.

“I have accepted my fate. I will just wait for Judgement Day,” she said.

Commenting on the case yesterday, Johor police chief Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said people were coming and going into the premises near the cafe at the time of the incident, adding that there was a cafe worker who wore a face mask.

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“Her action in not wearing a face mask could raise the concern of the people in the area,” Ayob had said.



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