Janrywine Liusin (orange T-shirt) visits residents affected by the flash flood in Kinarut town today.

KOTA KINABALU: Flash floods in Penampang and its neighbouring district Papar today did not dampen the spirit of candidates vying for their respective state seats in the two areas.

Entertainer-turned-politician Janrywine Liusin, who is contesting the Kawang seat in the Papar parliamentary constituency, is one of them.

The 42-year-old candidate representing LDP said while his campaign trail might have been hampered by the floods, he still managed to meet his supporters in Kinarut town, one of the affected areas, this morning.

He was happy that the people were happy to see him.

“Even in the middle of the floods, people still rushed to take pictures with me,” he told FMT.

“Although my movement has somewhat been hindered by floods, I am still in high spirits.”

Incessant rain since last night caused several areas in Penampang and Papar to be flooded, although the situation improved by late morning.

Janrywine claimed that Kinarut had become a flood-prone area in the past three years and the previous government and assemblyman had failed to resolve the problem.

“If I become the elected representative, I will ensure the drainage system is improved,” he said.

“I also want a Civil Defence Department office to be built here.”

Meanwhile, John Chryso Masabal, the PBS candidate for Moyog which is in the Penampang parliamentary constituency, said the heavy rain had severely disrupted his campaigning yesterday, with only a handful of people turning up for his ceramah.

PBS candidate for Moyog John Chryso Masabal.

“We hope the weather will relent tomorrow when we will go deep into Penampang’s interior in Terian and Buayan, which is only accessible by a dirt road,” he said.

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“Today, we are also going to two relatively distant locations, but despite the challenges, my team and I are still raring to meet the people.”

One of Masabal’s contenders for the seat, Darell Leiking, who is Penampang MP, also took time to visit those affected in his constituency and instructed his team to organise a clean-up after the floods.

The Warisan deputy president said the flood problem in Penampang had yet to be resolved, adding the federal government should reveal the status of the flood mitigation project there.

“The state government had disclosed previously how much it was spending and doing to resolve the matter and the federal government should do the same. Everyone must play their part,” he said.

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