Carcass of baby Chinese white dolphin stranded in Discovery Bay, 14th such case this year

The carcass of a baby Chinese white dolphin — also known as the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin — was found on a beach in Discovery Bay on Tuesday, according to the Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. 

It is the 14th case of a dolphin stranding in Hong Kong this year. 

The foundation said it received a report of the male calf’s stranding in Sam Pak Wan on Tuesday. 

The carcass, which was around 121 centimeters, was severely decomposed and has been transported to Ocean Park for a necropsy and tissue sample collection, it added.

The foundation encourages members of the public to call 1823 if they encounter any form of cetacean, shark or ray stranding so its response team can arrive at the location as soon as possible. 

It added that they should also provide the date and time of the discovery, location, as well as photos or videos.

In recent years, the Chinese white dolphin — which is known for its pink coloring and friendly nature — has been facing threats including overfishing, water pollution, heavy marine traffic and coastal development. 

Researchers say the number of Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong’s waters fell to 37 last year, down from 188 in 2003.


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