Carrie Lam ‘grateful’ for Beijing officials’ survey of Hong Kong residents, surprised by scope

The Post previously reported that after sorting out feedback from 3,985 residents, the liaison office had compiled a list of 500 measures for implementation, many of which would fall to the local administration to handle.

But while Lam said she looked forward to receiving the suggestions that emerged from the process, she added local officials believed they already had a good sense of what the mainland team likely discovered.

“My gut feeling is that those views and ideas and suggestions should be very close to what we already know,” she said, citing housing, youth mobility, wealth disparity and the cost of housing.

What interested her most, Lam said, were local residents’ views on policies that involved collaboration with the mainland.

“There are things that are beyond the influence of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, for example, in facilitating the resumption of normal travel as soon as possible,” she said, an area in which she has previously conceded her administration has little power.

“Helping young people go to the mainland” and gaining greater access for local service providers in the

– Beijing’s plan to turn Hong Kong, Macau and nine Guangdong cities into a massive innovation hub – were also identified as areas of potential cooperation.

“I would be very interested to know what those suggestions are, so that I as the chief executive can also approach the mainland authorities to reaffirm those suggestions are what our people want,” she said.

The liaison office’s charm offensive has been interpreted by some as a ramping up of pressure on Lam and her cabinet to meet Beijing expectations.

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The weeklong drive saw officials including the office’s director, Luo Huining, visit residents ranging from young tech entrepreneurs to fishermen to tenants of so-called cage homes.


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