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Singapore – Video footage of a shopper without a mask,  damaging goods at a store is being circulated online. The man was triggered after he was refused sale of alcohol.  Members of the public urged authorities to put the man to task to avoid future nuisance.

On Monday (Nov 9), Facebook page All Singapore Stuff uploaded footage caught on CCTV camera of a man without a mask threatening the staff of a shop after he was not allowed to purchase alcohol. “Midnight this man never wear mask still go out want to buy alcohol. But shop don’t want sell him then he angry and smash the shop up,” read the caption. According to the post and video timestamp, the incident happened at Woodlands 304 on Nov 2 at about 12:04 am.

A man in a red shirt could be seen arguing with the staff on duty. Although there was no sound recorded in the footage, the man appeared to be angry as he talked to the staff while pointing his finger in numerous directions to make a point.

Photo: FB screengrab/

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A few minutes later, he appeared to be on his phone while pursuing his cause. As the man exited the store, he managed to hit the nearby point-of-sale display resulting in the contents scattering to the ground.

Photo: FB screengrab/All Singapore Stuff

Members from the online community called on the authorities to address the incident promptly. “The police should take action and put him behind bars for at least two weeks plus heavy fine,” Facebook user Ivan Ho suggested. “With the video as proof, will the SPF (Singapore Police Force) take action and charge this fellow?” wondered a concerned citizen.

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“What is happening to Singapore now? It’s really not safe. Either fighting in public, destroying people’s property, arguing in food court due to wearing mask problem,” said Facebook user Yong Lim Ng. “Hope the law would punish these people causing a nuisance with (sic) heavy fine and jail so that retailers, coffee shop, and the like will be safer.”

Facebook user Flash Lim hoped the shop owner will report the incident to the police and for the latter to handle it well “to deter others from following especially during the Covid-19 period.”

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