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Singapore — A man has been arrested for voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant after being told to wear a mask.

The 38-year-old was apprehended on Thursday (Jan 21) for not cooperating with a Certis auxiliary police officer and allegedly punching the officer on the head, according to a channelnewsasia.com report.

The police received a call at about 4 pm that day from the Certis officer. He had been tasked with Covid-19 safe distancing compliance checks along Teban Gardens Road.

The enforcement officer had seen a man who was allegedly not wearing a face mask. He advised the man to wear a mask and asked for his particulars but the man attempted to run away.

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When the officer caught up with the man, the latter allegedly punched the officer on the head.

The man was eventually detained and handed over to the police.

The alleged assailant will be charged with voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from carrying out his duty.

The man faces imprisonment of up to seven years, a fine, caning, or any combination of these if he is found guilty.

He will also be investigated for breaching Covid-19 measures.

Beginning April 14 last year, mask-wearing in public became compulsory in Singapore. Failure to do so may result in a S$300 fine for the first offence. Repeat offenders could face higher fines or court prosecution.

“The police have zero tolerance towards such acts of violence against public servants who are carrying out their duties and will not hesitate to take action against those who blatantly disregard the law,” said the Singapore Police Force. /TISG

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