Char siew 'so little' for $5? Woman roasts hawker stall for 'deceiving customers', manager responds

$5 for five pieces of char siew and a braised egg?

One woman was incensed after realising that was all she got after ‘upsizing’ her order of char siew rice.

The incident reportedly occurred last Sunday (Oct 2) at a Hua Zai HK Style Roasted Delight stall located at Blk 347, Bukit Batok St 34.

The hawker chain specialising in roast meats operates several outlets across Singapore.

In a post on Facebook Group Complaint Singapore, the unhappy customer noted that what she received was only a $4.20 portion and accused the staff there of deceiving its customers.


She had paid $95 in total for 19 packets of char siew rice.

The staff eventually admitted his mistake and returned her the money, said the woman.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the stall’s manager, identified by his surname Zhang, said the additional 80 cents per packet was eventually refunded to the customer.

He explained that the staff who was on duty that day was new, having been on the job for only a week. As a result, said Zhang, he was unaware of the appropriate amount of char siew to be given in the customer’s order.

Zhang shared that a packet of char siew rice would usually cost $3.50, with the addition of a braised egg bringing the amount to $4.20.

“The worker is new and was not sure how to fulfil the customer’s request of a $5 portion. So, he prepared the usual amount,” said Zhang, adding that a minimum of $1.50 is usually required for an additional portion of meat.

Disputing complaints that the portion is “little”, Zhang further explained that each portion of meat for a $3.50 packet weighs between 70g and 90g.

“We aim for smaller profits but larger sales. Other stalls are already charging $4 for their char siew rice,” said Zhang.

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