'Cheap move' of AIA agent to offer child balloon only to take it back, says mum

An AIA roadshow left one mother fuming, after her toddler was given a balloon by an insurance agent from that company, only to have it taken away by the same agent minutes later.

“I am beyond appalled by the customer service I faced on Friday,” the mother, Nazreen Ogisi, wrote in a Facebook post on Monday (June 13).

Ogisi described how she’d been walking around Century Square in Tampines with her two-year-old girl when she said a woman approach her daughter “with a penguin balloon asking her if she wants one”.

“Of course, this would delight a two-year-old,” said Ogisi in that Facebook post, adding that she knew that the woman was a representative from AIA.

Ogisi agreed to stop and answer a few questions when the agent asked.

What she didn’t expect however, was what came next.

“While standing, she asked me a few questions and I apparently do not fit the profile for a potential customer so she said “sorry I need to take back the balloon and she took it from my daughter’s hand”,” Ogisi shared, exclaiming, “Imagine my horror??!!”

Another round of disappointment ensued as another agent, unaware of the earlier incident, approached the pair again, this time offering the toddler a balloon in the shape of an elephant.

“I immediately told her, do not tempt her only to take it back cause I don’t fit her profile,” Ogisi shared.

The agent then replied that she would ask her manager, “only to come back to say she’s unable to give the balloon”.

In her post, Ogisi’s frustration was palpable as she slammed the insurance agents for their “cheap move”, calling it “absolutely disgusting”.

She wrote: “Firstly, I can afford to get balloons for my child. Second, it is such a low and cheap move to entice children and lure their parents in for a marketing gimmick only to take back the balloons if the parents don’t fit your dumb profile.

“Do you think it is right for a child who doesn’t understand why something was offered to her and given to her only to have it snatched away? ABSOLUTELY DIGUSTING!”

A search on retail platforms online showed that these type of helium balloons in the shape of animals typically cost less than $2, excluding shipping fee.


Ogisi, whose post has gone viral with more than 2,000 shares, also stated that she is not biased against insurance agents as she has “many loved ones in that profession.

Commenters to her post also voiced their support, branding the actions of the agents involved “cheapskate” and “shameful”.


AIA Singapore subsequently issued an apology over the incident, reported CNA today (June 16).

“We are sorry for the unpleasant experience,” AIA Singapore said in a statement. “We have counselled the representatives involved in this incident.”


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