Cheers Singapore apologizes for stubborn TikTok wannabe staff taunting police (Videos)

Convenience store Cheers apologized for a not-so-cheerful incident involving an aggravating employee who peeved police officers recently.

TikTok user @Confederateginger, who goes by Jonathan, made a fool of himself yesterday in a series of videos he filmed of police officers trying investigate a report he made at the convenience store’s Lau Pa Sat outlet on Sunday

The increasingly infuriating series of events started when Jonathan refused to show his identification card to officers after he claimed that a drunk man came into the store and tried to cause trouble by insulting him and impersonating a police officer threatening to arrest him.

“I’m being protected by my boss’ camera, I never commit any offense. Why do you need my ID?” Jonathan said, referring the camera to the store’s surveillance cameras. 

“I’m an employee, I’m not on the streets you know,” he added.

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Jonathan, who was manning the store by himself, stopped to tend to customers while still continuing to record the officers even though they asked him to stop multiple times.

He also tried to argue with the officers by lecturing them on the probability of false reports and denying they could close the store to carry out their investigation.

“No such thing, there’s no disrupting of business just cause of police business,” Jonathan said.

Nearing the end of the videos, he panicked when officers tried to arrest him after he was served more than three warnings to show his identification and that his filming was “obstructing” their investigation.

The videos have accumulated over five million views in total.

“[Singapore Police Force] thug-like behavior,” one of the video captions read.

@confederateginger ♬ original sound – Jonathan

We are sorry for him

In a statement posted yesterday, Cheers did not try to defend Jonathan and instead apologized for the “distress” he caused. They said they would fully cooperate with authorities and have “counselled” the employee and placed him on administrative leave.

“We would like to assure the public that our staff will offer our full co-operation and compliance when rendering assistance to the authorities,” it wrote.

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