Coconut shakes beat out bubble tea in list of most-ordered food in Singapore but burgers top the list

How we eat has changed during the pandemic, and now coming out of it as well. But one thing’s for sure: delivery is here to stay. 

In Grab’s Food & Grocery Trends report for 2022, results from their survey showed that deliveries increased 1.5 times more this year from 2019 when the pandemic first started. On top of that, it also showed that people are not only spending more on delivery in general, but they’re also spending more per order. 

In fact, the largest single GrabFood order in 2022 totalled up to S$992.48 – although it was not revealed what were the items ordered.

There’s also a value-added aspect of constantly ordering food through Grab too – 88% of respondents said they got to know of a store from the apps and 90% had tried food from a new store they discovered on the app that they have never been to IRL. 

On the other side, 7 out of 10 merchants also say that delivery services have been essential for the survival of their business. 

Moving on to what we really want to know: what are people ordering in these days? 

Burgers are king

According to the report, the top items ordered on GrabFood are burgers, coconut shakes and prata – compared to 2021’s top three of burgers, prata and rice. 

Other favourites in the top ten include ice cream, fried chicken, tuna sandwich and siew mai. 

Photo: Grab Food & Grocery Trends 2022

An interesting point to note is that, although coconut shakes started as a trend – thanks to the viral popularity of Mr. Coconut – it looks like they’re here to stay for now. In the battle of beverages the coconut shake even outdid the ever-classic bubble milk tea, which it knocked out to seventh place. #coconutspremacy

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Burgers remain in favor as stats show that 7 million burgers were sold on GrabFood in 2021 – that’s 14 burgers sold per minute!

And scoff as much as you want but vegetarian food was the most-searched cuisine on the platform, beating out Thai and Korean. 

The report also listed the most ordered food according to time of the day and it seems like most of us are eating junk food like nuggets and for dinner – no judgment here. 

Photo: Grab Food & Grocery Trends 2022

Local hawker favourites nasi lemak and chicken rice remain top picks for lunch. 

Food brings people together

One thing that was apparent in the results is that people like to eat together. The number of people opting to order to entertain guests also surged to twice the amount from 2021.

On the office side of things, communal snacking with colleagues is clearly popular as 60% of consumers said that they generally tend to order for more than one pax at their workplaces. 

If you noticed on the app that there have been a lot of teatime deals, that’s because the number of people snacking (and ordering snacks) at off-peak hours has also increased. 

Though food is the main subject of the report, we all have to also give thanks to the amazing fleet of delivery riders who work hard to satisfy our cravings. These hardworking people have powered through rain and the heat to deliver our snacks and meals to the door and surely deserve some recognition and a huge shoutout. 

Now that we’ve gone through the delicious details, what’s everyone having for dinner?

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