Namewee has come under fire for his latest music video. — Picture via Instagram/ Namewee
Namewee has come under fire for his latest music video. — Picture via Instagram/ Namewee

JOHOR BARU, June 2 — Controversial rapper Namewee is in the limelight yet again, this time for what has been deemed as sexist remarks made in his latest music video, You Know Who Is My Father.

His remarks on popular South Korean girl group, Blackpink, in the music video has raised the ire of Blackpink fans, known as Blinks.

The music video which depicts a man flaunting his father’s wealth and influence, features Namewee himself along with a group of women in sexy attire parading around in a few scenes.



Namewee or his real name Wee Meng Chee, triggered Blinks especially for a line in the song which goes, “always watch Blackpink and masturbate”.

Many swarmed his Instagram page demanding he delete his music video, apologise to Blackpink and learn to respect women.

“Take down this video!! Apologise to Blackpink!! Stop disrespecting women!!” Instagram user scenicpinks commented.

“Delete the scene where you mentioned Blackpink and apologise ASAP. We won’t spare you.

“You have to pay for this, shameless man, learn to respect women,” commented Instagram user arabisinsta.

Blinks can also be seen spamming Namewee’s music video on Youtube with comments asking him to respect Blackpink and its members.

Namewee’s You Know Who Is My Father music video has been viewed over two million times on Youtube.

The music video uploaded on May 28, is in collaboration with online betting platform, me88.

Blinks spamming on Namewee's Instagram and YouTube page. —YouTube/ Instagram screenshots
Blinks spamming on Namewee’s Instagram and YouTube page. —YouTube/ Instagram screenshots

The rapper previously made headlines after Persatuan Seniman Malaysia lodged a police report in December on his film Babi which allegedly contained elements of racism despite his claims that it was based on a true story.

The film has received nominations at four international film festivals which includes nominations for Best Director and Best Actor in the Toronto International Film Festival and also at the Berlin International Film Festival.



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