Cook in Malaysia killed after touching mysterious package left on his car

A restaurant cook was killed outside his workplace in Malaysia after touching a package that was left on his car.

In a statement that was shared on Facebook on Friday (Dec 30), Malaysian police said that the incident happened yesterday in Ampang, Selangor at around 8.55pm.

The victim, a 28-year-old man, was alerted to a package that was left on the bonnet of his Toyota Corolla, police chief Mohamad Farouk Eshak said.

He added: “The package exploded while the man was handling it, and he suffered serious injuries all over his body and hands.

“He was pronounced dead at 9.45pm while receiving treatment in hospital.”

Originally from Penang, the man had been working at the restaurant for only a few months, Malaysian news outlet Kwongwah reported.

Speaking to the New Straits Times, the police chief Farouk said that firemen rushed to the scene after the blast had caused the front portion of the car to catch fire.

“We found some objects believed to be part of the explosive that was used near the scene and we are still investigating it,” he said.

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