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As schools in Germany reopen in the wake of a lockdown imposed to stem the spread of Covid-19, students at one high school are checked twice a week for symptoms of the virus. FRANCE 24 reports from Neustrelitz in northern Germany.

At a high school in Neustreltiz, northern Germany, coming back to class means coming in for a test.

Twice a week students at a high school in Neustrelitz are checked for Covid-19 – in the very same building that they study in. It’s not fun for the students but they find it reassuring.

“Thanks to the test, I am not endangering anyone. My family can also get checked, which is important,” said one student.

The test is free and the results come by email the next day.

The test isn’t mandatory but nearly all the students and teachers have taken part since the school reopened on May 6.

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