Guangdong’s provincial government has introduced a WeChat pilot feature to allow some Hongkongers to obtain a health code to cross the border into mainland China. Covid-19 negative test results and personal data may be uploaded to the mini-app, which was launched on Sunday.

Currently, only individuals from specific categories – such as government officials, cross-border truck drivers, and those with manufacturing businesses in the mainland – can cross the border without undergoing mandatory quarantine and a virus test. The Hong Kong government has been in negotiations with the mainland to ease travel restrictions through a universal health code system.

Photo: WeChat screenshot.

The mini-app “Yue Sheng Shi ” can be installed WeChat. It includes new options including “Guangdong to Hong Kong (testing)” and “Hong Kong to Guangdong (testing),” under a new page called “Guangdong to Hong Kong border crossing (testing),” HK01 reported.



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