Critter-killing razor wire removed near Singapore’s Swiss Embassy

A length of razor-sharp wires that have killed numerous animals over the years were taken down last night to avoid further harm.

The Swiss Club Singapore has taken down the concertina wires which recently shredded a Malayan Colugo opposite the Swiss Embassy in Bukit Timah after a public outcry, an animal welfare group confirmed today.

“ACRES is delighted at the swift action taken by the Swiss [C]lub to reach out to the respective landowners to remove the concertina wires. This was done less [than] 24 hours after we reached out to them about its issues,” ACRES’ Kalai Vanan Balakrishnan told Coconuts.

Razor wire snares another flying lemur near Singapore’s Swiss Embassy

Club General Manager Aaron Lim told Coconuts yesterday evening that contractors were ordered to remove the razor wires from the fences to put an end to ensnaring wildlife. At least three other flying lemurs have been impaled there since 2014 alongside a Barn Owl and Changeable hawk-eagle at other locations with similar security fencing.

Wildlife has become ensnared when straying from their habitats into the urban environment.

ACRES on Sunday attempted to rescue the flying lemur that had become trapped in the wires, but the animal later died.

It was believed to have glided from a tree in nearby nature reserves onto the fence.

But the fight isn’t over as deadly wires remain at other locations which ACRES warns can be lethal to wildlife.

“Following this positive outcome, we hope other areas with such concertina wires especially those near to nature reserves or with known wildlife habitats are modified, removed or monitored for animal casualties,” Kalai said.

A contractor taking down the wires last night. Photo: Hana Cha

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Razor wire snares another flying lemur near Singapore’s Swiss Embassy


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