Cute or not? Dog walking on hind legs in Yishun sparks debate

Bringing the dog out for a walk is a relatively uneventful activity but this one dog had netizens do a double take.

On Tuesday (Oct 19), TikToker psychosmily uploaded a video of a woman taking her dog out for a stroll at night around North Park Residences, a condominium complex in Yishun.

It can be seen that the dog seemed to have no issues walking on its hind legs and TikTok users were fascinated. The seven-second clip has garnered over 130,000 views and 10,000 likes.


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While on a leash, the dog trails behind its owner, wiggling with every step before the woman slowly picks up the pace as her pet dog follows along.

At this point, both are on the brink of breaking into a light jog and the dog even managed to overtake the woman.

Most veterinarians agree that the posture of walking on its hind legs can be harmful for dogs. “If it’s chronic that they’re on their legs like that, then it’s not a natural posture for a dog to be in, so it does produce more wear and tear on the joints,” Dr. Patrica Alderson told news outlet Global News.

“This can lead to muscle and joint disease,” she added.

Netizens were riled up

With over 150 comments, netizens debated and some felt uncomfortable that the dog is solely depending on its hind legs to walk. One even asked how she’d like it if the tables were turned.


Meanwhile, some TikTok users didn’t understand why many were unhappy with the pet owner and suggested that the dog wasn’t forced to walk in that manner.


The issue of dogs walking on hind legs isn’t new and has received varying reactions elsewhere.

In 2017, a video of a brown poodle in China walking upright went viral. As reported by Global News, animal activists got upset as they suggested that the dog was abused.


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In the US however, Dexter shot to internet fame after a passer-by recorded and uploaded a video of him waking upright. The Colorado-based Brittany Spaniel injured his front legs in 2016 and could only rely on his hind legs.

After going through multiple surgeries and rehabilitation work, Dexter picked up the ability to comfortably walk on his hind legs.

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