Cyclist blasts 'sicko' for scattering thumbtacks on road in Yishun, says 30 others had tyres punctured too

A cyclist in Yishun recently got himself into quite a tacky situation — when he found the tyres of his e-bike punctured. 

The culprit? Some thumbtacks that had been scattered on the pavement. 

Pictures of the aftermath were posted on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante on Tuesday (Sept 20), with the caption: “Damn!! Some sicko out there throwing thumbtacks over Yishun!” 

From the title of the video, it appears that the incident took place on Monday (Sept 19). 

“Since morning more than 30 riders had their tyres punctured!!!” the caption wrote. 

In the video, the cyclist showed the thumbtacks strewn on the road, and even picked up a few to show them up close. 

He then pans to a nearby block to show the exact location — Block 348A, located along Yishun Ave 11. 

In the same video, there were also pictures of several different bikes with thumbtacks embedded in the tyres.

“[Please] stop your bloody nonsense [before] you are caught! Believe in karma, [you] will get [your] retribution very soon!!!” the peeved cyclist wrote. 

In another video uploaded today, this time on TikTok, it showed a couple picking up numerous thumbtacks from the ground in what looks like another location in Yishun. 

The in-video caption said thumbtacks have been spotted on the road in a few locations in Yishun since Sept 19.

“Please help to nail this culprit,” the caption read. 


Nail This Culprit Sabotage Delivery Rider

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The video on Facebook received comments from several netizens condemning the alleged prankster for dumping such a dangerous item on the pavement, as it could be harmful to pets and children as well. 

“This is highly irresponsible,” protested one netizen. 


There were also some netizens who weren’t too surprised, joking that it’s Yishun after all. 

“Uniquely Yishun,” one netizen surmised.


AsiaOne has reached out to Nee Soon Town Council for more information. 

Back in 2020, a man was caught on camera vandalising a car that was parked at an open-air carpark in — you guessed it — Yishun. 

The owner of the car, who goes by the username Swampy Wilson on Facebook, exposed the culprit by uploading videos of the act online. 

According to him, the man was first seen sitting on the road at around 4am.

After engaging in rather strange antics that included “chasing after a cyclist” and “stalking a man from behind”, he began vandalising Wilson’s car at about 5am.

In the video, the man was seen wielding a stick-like object and swinging it around. He then used the stick to scratch Wilson’s car repeatedly. 

Wilson told Stomp then he discovered the damage at 9am that morning. 

“I felt really lost. I went for a coffee to think about what to do next,” he said, adding he did not recognise the man. 

Wilson eventually made a police report. 

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