Cyndi Wang wins Sisters Who Make Waves? Results reportedly leaked, here are the top 10

This final wave will wash ashore many forgotten treasures that have regained their lustre.

The results of the hit competitive reality show Sisters Who Make Waves were reportedly leaked, according to Taiwanese news outlets, with crowd favourite Cyndi Wang taking first place.

Sisters Who Make Waves is a Chinese reality show that pits stars past their prime against each other to see if they have what it takes to form a group and shine on stage again.

The competition began by fielding well-known stars like ex-Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung, Twins’ Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, as well as Taiwanese singer-songwriter Valen Hsu.

Recording of the finale episode took place on Aug 1 and it is alleged that 39-year-old singer Cyndi has claimed the crown. The other contestants in the top 10 are, in descending order, Jessica Jung, Kelly Yu, Tan Weiwei, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Fiona Sit, Amber Kuo, Tang Shiyi and Zhang Tianai.

They will reportedly form a girl group.


According to Taiwanese media, members of the audience also said Jessica’s younger sister Krystal sent a video congratulating her, causing the 33-year-old singer to burst into tears on the spot.

Krystal, who’s also known as Jung Soo-jung, is an actress and member of the K-pop girl band f(x).

The journey back into the limelight has been long, but Cyndi in particular has gained a lot of admiration from fans of Sisters Who Make Waves.


On the very first episode of the show aired in May, Cyndi performed her hit song Cyndi Loves You from 2004.

The nostalgia that this brought to her fans instantly caused her to trend online, with some fans even threatening to rid themselves of Chinese television shares if Cyndi was booted from the show.

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While Cyndi was sending out waves of delight, another participant, however, pulled in hate instead.

In June, crew members alleged that one contestant consistently didn’t flush the shared toilet and also  “forgot” to wear a bra.

Netizens believed this contestant to be Zhao Yingzi, who purportedly had many attention-seeking moments on the show, earning her the title of the ‘most-hated sister’, according to Sohu.

The second season of the all-male spin-off Call Me By Fire is currently in production and gradually picking up steam. 

It was said to feature Raymond Lam, Richie Jen, Alec Su and Singaporean Huang Yida among other older male celebrities who have faded from the limelight.

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