Daily roundup: Aloysius Pang's final film The Antique Shop gets Dec 1 release date — and other top stories today

 1. Aloysius Pang’s final film The Antique Shop gets Dec 1 release date

Horror movie The Antique Shop finally has a Singapore release date.

Fans can watch Aloysius Pang’s final project on the big screen starting next month… » READ MORE

2. Mr Classy turns creepy: Woman says hitch driver offered free ride for ‘something in return’


This woman thought that she had found a “Mr Classy” who would send her home for free late at night. 

But it turns out that the offer from the private hitch driver came with a catch… » READ MORE

3. ‘You think I’m interested in your f****** law?’ Passenger rages at SIA cabin crew for not getting him water


The life of a cabin crew is already challenging in itself, so it doesn’t help when an unruly passenger kicks up a fuss onboard.

This male passenger behaved in an unruly manner toward a male cabin crew and even threatened him… » READ MORE

4.CNA presenter Julie Yoo faints during live broadcast due to ‘low blood sugar and dehydration’


CNA presenter Julie Yoo fainted while live on air on Wednesday (Nov 9) evening.

Her co-host Jack Board, who was beside her, then went to her aid… » READ MORE


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