Daily roundup: Beamless flats to be piloted in Tengah BTO flats — and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Beamless flats to be piloted in Tengah BTO flats

This will give residents greater flexibility to configure the layout of their flat… » READ MORE

2. From ‘office job’ to hawker: 27-year-old min jiang kueh seller in Toa Payoh gets glowing reviews from customers


Her delectable min jiang kueh is starting to gain popularity… » READ MORE

3. ‘My pee turned brown like kopi-o kosong’: Woman’s first spin class lands her in A&E


Gloria admitted that she may have gotten rhabdomyolysis because she “can’t cycle”… » READ MORE

4. ‘I didn’t think you were so despicable’: Huang Yiliang rebuts former scriptwriter’s claims about his character


He’s got more than a few choice words for a columnist whom he feels has slighted him… » READ MORE



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