Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Man accused of murdering Felicia Teo remanded for psychiatric evaluation

Her disappearance was initially classified as a missing persons case, as the men maintained that she left the flat voluntarily… » READ MORE

2. PM Lee takes Covid-19 vaccine publicly to show Singaporeans it’s safe


“It’s painless, it’s effective and it’s important,” Mr Lee said, speaking to reporters after the 30-minute observation period following the jab was up… » READ MORE

3. After taking woman in, family chained her and abused her to near death


By the end of her stay at the flat, she was chained half-naked in the toilet sitting in her own excrement, and forced to eat off the floor… » READ MORE

4. Chen Yixin: Any mistake I make will affect the reputation of my parents Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen


“For me, even when it comes to future opportunities, I can’t make decisions selfishly because any mistake I make will affect their reputation”.. » READ MORE


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