Daily roundup: PM Lee spots auspicious 888 bus plate for inaugural land VTL with Malaysia — and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ‘They put a nice number for the bus’: PM Lee spots auspicious 888 plate for inaugural land VTL with Malaysia

As the excitement of crossing the Causeway lingers, one sharp-eyed individual couldn’t help but notice the auspicious number inaugurating this reopening… » READ MORE

2. HDB loft flat at Dawson snapped up for $1.32m, breaks Queenstown resale flat record


A five-room loft unit in SkyTerrace @ Dawson was recently sold for over $1.32 million, setting a new record for resale HDB flats in Queenstown… » READ MORE

3. Cops tell titillating Thai street vendor to cover up, internet creeps over her pics


A street vendor in Chiang Mai, Thailand has stirred the internet’s imagination this week with her creative way of attracting customers… » READ MORE

4. Touring Sembawang waterfront landed houses and 9 landed living costs to note


Last week, I headed over to explore the waterfront landed homes at Pasir Ris. In short, I concluded that they are close to nature, have a beautiful waterfront but are a tad crowded… » READ MORE


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