Daily roundup: Stray cat attacks woman walking dog in Clementi park, leaving 'extremely painful' scratches – and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Stray cat attacks woman walking dog in Clementi park, leaving ‘extremely painful’ scratches

All she wanted to do was to enjoy a walk in the park with her family and her beloved dog on Christmas morning. 

Instead, this woman wound up at the clinic with several scratches on her leg after being attacked by a particularly ferocious stray cat in her neighbourhood…» READ MORE

2. New beginnings: Joshua Tan marries doctor girlfriend, purges Instagram


At a turning point in his life, it appears Joshua Tan has chosen to commit to a new beginning on Instagram.

Joshua got married on Boxing Day this Monday (Dec 26) to his doctor sweetheart of five years, Zoen Tay, but he unexpectedly also cleared his Instagram account of all posts, save for two posts…» READ MORE

3. Singapore is ‘Disney World in real life’, say US influencers. Here’s how some Singaporeans reacted


As a kid, everyone wishes that he or she is living in a Disney fairy tale.

But as one grows up, harsh reality sets in and we realise that there is no place for fairy tales in an adult’s world…» READ MORE

4. ‘I found something’: Boy, 10, discovers foetal remains while playing at Pasir Ris Park


Playing in the sand at Pasir Ris Park on Christmas Eve, a 10-year-old boy was seen suddenly running back to his mother in a fit of panic, exclaiming that “I found something”…» READ MORE


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