Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. TraceTogether token or app required from June 1 at all malls, workplaces, schools

From June 1, digital check-ins for contact tracing at places with higher footfall or where people are likely to be in close proximity can only be done using the TraceTogether app or token… » READ MORE

2. Sheesh: Thai cop demoted after wife flexes joy ride in police chopper on TikTok


Every woman loves going on a helicopter ride with her bae and a romantic gesture like this never goes unshared on social media… » READ MORE

3. New Covid-19 cluster in Singapore linked to man who was ‘probably reinfected in India’


A 43-year-old Indian national who had been discharged from hospital on April 6 after being deemed to be no longer infectious has been identified as a likely case of reinfection… » READ MORE

4. ‘It’s very cruel, it’s a youth industry’: Pornsak almost gave up pursuing TCM dream because his showbiz career couldn’t wait


Time management and splitting between work and study was a big challenge for him, he confessed, adding that the biggest struggle came when he had to choose between filming the travelogue Food Source and continuing his studies… » READ MORE


READ  Govt will take out loans amounting to S$22 billion to fund COVID-19 relief measures


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