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1. Woman in viral clip arrested for allegedly spitting at and biting man at Novena Square

A woman was arrested at Novena Square on Tuesday afternoon (Oct 13) after allegedly pouring a bowl of soup on a stranger, biting him and spitting at him…» READ MORE

2. Hong Kong set to be first travel bubble with Singapore, which may mean leisure travel: Sources


Singapore is expected to announce its first air travel bubble with Hong Kong, sources told The Straits Times. This means that people will be able to travel… » READ MORE

3. Mixed reviews for Tzuyu’s new makeup in Twice’s Eyes Wide Open


Twice, a K-pop girl group has released new images of each member’s new style for their second album Eyes Wide Open slated on Oct. 26. The avant-garde eye makeup … » READ MORE

4. Chai Chee resident goes on Facebook to seek rightful owners of 2 hamsters that her cat brought home


Thanks to the hunting instincts of her cat, a woman ended up with not one but two hamsters that were nabbed somewhere and plopped at her home in Chai Chee. …» READ MORE


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