Dato Seri Vida’s daughter shares she does not get along with future stepfather

Kuala Lumpur — The daughter of cosmetics tycoon Dato’ Seri Vida, Cik B revealed the reason why she is not keen on her mother marrying a much younger guy.

Cik B, whose real name is Edlynn Zamileen Mohd Amin spoke to Melodi in an exclusive interview over the weekend. She shared that her mum and her beau Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli have a significant age difference.

“Deep down, I strongly disagree (with DSV’s marriage with Iqbal). Mama’s already old, whereas Iqbal’s only 25. How could someone like Iqbal have feelings for someone much older? There must be a reason. Like, I really don’t agree with Mama when she said she wants another child. It’s already enough with me and Kacak,” the 16-year-old told the interviewer.

Besides, Cik B also revealed that she and Iqbal, who used to work for DSV as her personal assistant, have not been on the same page. According to the “Tolonglah” rapper, “Iqbal and I really don’t like each other, I often quarrel with him. The dispute between us is not ordinary, but extraordinary. Our relationship is very strained.”

According to, the “Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta” later clarified that she doesn’t mind if her mother finds someone who is older than her, but in her words, that’s possibly not the case as the cosmetics tycoon only fancies younger men. “If Mama ties the knot with Iqbal, I hope she will be happy. It’s all up to her. But I really don’t want my mom to marry Iqbal,” Cik B said.

She continued by revealing, “Due to the age factor, I don’t approve of their relationship. It doesn’t matter if Mama’s dating someone her age. But I know it won’t happen because she doesn’t like older men, she prefers them younger.”

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When Cik B was asked by the interviewer if she thought DSV and Iqbal’s marriage is part of their marketing technique, Cik B commented, “Actually, at first I thought it was just for marketing, but now it looks like both of them are dating for real. It feels like, ‘Oh God, how scary!’ I really hope it’s just a gimmick. I don’t want a new father either. I’ve had enough with five dads,” she concluded her chat.


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