Death and debt in China, Taiwan reacts to PLA’s new carrier, Korean visitor in Hong Kong molested: SCMP’s 7 highlights

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2. ‘Substantial threat’ from PLA’s Fujian carrier: Taiwanese defence ministry

The Fujian is much larger than the PLA’s two aircraft carriers currently in operation and the first to be equipped with an electromagnetic aircraft launch system. Photo: CCTV

The People’s Liberation Army’s third and most advanced aircraft carrier, the Fujian, would pose a “substantial threat” to Taiwan in the event of a cross-strait conflict, the island’s defence ministry has warned.

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3. Hong Kong chef accused of molesting Korean live streamer gets bail

A Hong Kong court granted bail to a 46-year-old chef accused of molesting a Korean tourist inside an MTR station where she was live-streaming for her travel vlog.

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4. Death and debt in China: when bankruptcy is off the table, so are fresh starts

Chinese who amass insurmountable debt often find that their “debts keep snowballing”, according to those who fail to declare bankruptcy. Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

China’s southern metropolis of Shenzhen is the only mainland city where individuals can apply for bankruptcy, but it’s not easy, as authorities seem to frown on debt forgiveness.

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5. PLA likely building new giant warship amid speculation around online image

Online imagery and social media postings by workers of China’s top shipbuilder show the country is probably building a next-generation amphibious assault dock equipped with an advanced electromagnetic aircraft launch system, analysts said.

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6. Durian dominance: Vietnam’s secret weapon vs Thailand in battle for China

In the first half of 2023, Vietnam exported durian worth US$876 million, with US$835 million shipped to China, Vietnamese media reports said. Photo: Bob Wang

Vietnam is increasing durian exports to China by using land-border shipments to control costs, a strategy that may challenge Thailand’s dominance in the market.

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7. ‘Her brain is almost coming out’: girl’s skull shattered by teacher with metal ruler

Tests revealed the girl’s skull was fractured and bone fragments were lodged in her head, requiring almost five hours of emergency surgery. Photo: SCMP composite/Baidu

A nine-year-old girl in China has received emergency treatment for a shattered skull after a teacher allegedly beat her on the head with a metal ruler, outraging mainland social media.

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