Dig in: Fast food spots to try in Saudi Arabia

Sat, 2022-05-28 11:25

From international hotspots to homegrown eateries, these restaurants in Saudi Arabia are so much more than your basic fast food joints. 


Besides their juicy burgers, foodies in Riyadh can dig into the signature fat and skinny fries alongside Fatburger’s beef that is freshly ground and grilled to perfection.


Hamburgini has sharing packages at affordable prices that will make for a great after-pool meal with your family and friends this summer.

Century Burger

Hungry fans can choose from toppings galore at this burger joint. It is also known for its colored, flavored buns like the black garlic and pink spicy bread. 


For all the vegans out there, Section-B has got you covered with their vegan patties and array of plant-based topping options. 

Johnny Rockets 

It’s popular for a reason — the well-known US eatery offers everything from angus beef burgers and tender chicken sandwiches to loaded hotdogs.

Buffalo’s Express 

Love chicken wings? This restaurant boasts traditional and boneless wings slathered in an array of sauces, from honey garlic to Asian sesame and fired up BBQ sauce. 

Jan Burger

Crispy tenders, curly fries, grilled burgers and delicious sauces – Jan Burger has it all. Whether you are on a health kick or in the mood for fried goodies, this spot has something for everyone. 

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