Diner complains about $10.30 nasi padang at food court, cashier says 'this is Orchard Road'

From property prices to the cost of food, things have certainly become more expensive thanks to inflation

One woman felt the pinch firsthand after dining out at Ion Orchard’s Food Opera, reported Stomp. 

The woman, who goes by the name Helen, patronised the nasi padang stall on Saturday (Dec 31) at around 1pm. 

According to her receipt, she paid $1.20 for white rice, $4.80 for black pepper chicken, $2.50 for ikan bilis and peanuts, and $1.80 for a fried egg. 

The grand total? $10.30. 

“Shocked” by the amount, this diner asked the cashier why her meal was so expensive. 

“The cashier said that this is Orchard Road so naturally it’s more expensive due to rent,” recounted Helen, adding that she felt the food should have only cost around $6. 

Additionally, as the rice and dishes were “already on the plate”, Helen felt like she could not turn down the food. 

“I hope that regardless of location, vendors at air-conditioned food courts will not take the opportunity to keep raising prices and cause us consumers to suffer,” she said. 

Earlier on Monday (Jan 2), radio DJ Jerald Justin Ko from Power 98 shared his own expensive experience at another food court in a prime area. 

He had dined at the newly-opened Jurassic Nest food hall at Gardens by the Bay and forked out a whopping $29 for dum biryani

While it is a hefty price to pay for biryani, Ko said he wasn’t too upset about it and even add that he might try the food at the brand’s main outlet “to compare”. 

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