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Singapore—Fish fillets are expected to be boneless, especially when they’re eaten as part of a sandwich which one takes in one’s hands and polishes off —without checking for bones.


Apparently not, as one netizen found out at T Bob’s Corner, where she said, her dinner was “ruined.”

A netizen by the name of YunJia Tan posted a “Public Service Announcement” on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page to say that she had ordered a crispy fish fillet burger, which had a bone, which she ended up swallowing.

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And after finding the first bone, she found another one.

To add insult to injury, when she asked the chef about the matter, she was told that she should “should have checked for the bones too”.

Ms Tan was understandably upset. “WOW,” she wrote. “Instead of apologising or explaining, they asked me back for my plate of half-eaten food.”

Despite the unfortunate presence of bones in her meal, the staff, managers and chef did not come to her table to talk to her about the incident, she said.

“I’m sorry but does anyone check for fish bones in a patty in a BURGER? 

What if kids eat it?!?!?,” she added.

After her half-finished meal was taken away, she went to pay for it.

Ms Tan discovered that she had been given a  50 per cent discount on that fish burger on the bill, which is not what she wanted.

“To clarify to some of you, we are not looking for a discount. We simply want to highlight the irresponsible manner of dealing with this situation by the restaurant.”

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She “strongly” did not recommend the fish burger, she added, especially for children or the elderly.

She ended her post by writing, “*Pls google fish fillet burger and see if it should have contained bones. “


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