Director of sport equipment importer fined $64,000 for evading GST

SINGAPORE – The director of a sport equipment importer in Singapore who evaded more than $13,400 in goods and services tax (GST) was fined $64,000 on Wednesday (Sept 15).

Marco Dittrich, the director of Singapore Tri-Global, pleaded guilty to one charge of evading GST. A similar charge was taken into consideration for sentencing.

The Singapore permanent resident was found to have under-declared the value of 33 shipments of bicycle parts imported by Singapore Tri-Global and evaded over $9,000 in GST between June and December last year.

Between January and April this year, Dittrich wrongly declared the value of 13 other shipments of bicycle components, and evaded over $4,400 in GST.

The goods involved are believed to have been imported from China.

His offences came to light on Feb 9 this year after Customs officers inspected a consignment of bicycle wheels and found that the value declared was more than 14 times lower than its actual value of around $23,360.

The officers realised the numbers did not tally after checking supporting documents provided by the freight forwarder of the consignment.

Under the Customs Act, any person involved in evading or attempts to evade GST may be fined up to 20 times the amount evaded.


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