Doctors urge Malaysians on social media not to steal hand sanitisers from hospitals

Doctors in Malaysia are taking to social media to remind people not to steal bottles of hand sanitisers from hospitals as it is an essential item to help them protect medical staff and others from Covid-19.

This comes after a Twitter user who goes by the handle @nmahakimi shared a posting where a medical frontliner expressed disappointment over visitors taking away hand sanitisers from hospitals.

The user told StarLifestyle Tech that his posting was a screencap of an Instagram Story originally shared by his sister who works at a hospital in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. His post has been retweeted or shared by others on the platform over 32,000 times.

There were also other posts claiming that visitors are also stealing boxes of face masks that were meant to be used by medical staff and patients.

One user in particular came under fire after openly claiming that she got a bottle for “free” from a hospital, in a post that went viral on March 18.

Dr Khairul Hafidz, the founder of #MedTweetMy which is a social media movement by Malaysian doctors to prevent misinformation on social media, has asked the user to give back the item to the hospital with a simple message saying “pulangkan balik (return it)”.

Dr Amalina Bakri also commented on the user’s posting, describing the act as “selfish” and “unethical”.

“It is sad that some people steal medical equipments from the hospital including masks and hand sanitisers. Do you know that we currently have a global shortage of masks and other medical equipments all over the world?” she said on Twitter.

Another doctor who goes by Dr Mahyuddin has also reprimanded the user, telling her a huge number of hand sanitisers in hospitals have also been stolen by visitors and patients. He reminded the user that the hand sanitisers in hospitals are not meant to be taken as personal property.

The user has since deleted her Twitter posting on the hand sanitiser.

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Dr Afiq Rahim has also created a post where he urged visitors, patients and even staff not to steal hand sanitisers and other essential items from hospitals.

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