Don't call me 'pakcik' : Man thrashes Malaysia eatery after staff didn't address him as 'baby'

Upset that eatery staff didn’t call him ‘abang’ (brother in Malay) or ‘baby’, a man flew into a rage. 

The incident took place last Sunday (June 4) in Selangor, Malaysia, reported The Star. 

A video of his outburst has also been circulating on social media, racking up more than four million views on TikTok.

In the clip, the man, dressed in a yellow top, can be seen flinging a packet of food and hot drink onto the floor.

Continuing with his rampage, the man picked up a chair and threw it to the ground, while yelling at the eatery staff. 



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Local police said on Tuesday that the eatery operator filed a police report after seeing the viral video. 

Investigations revealed that the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding between a male staff at the eatery and the suspect. 

“The worker had called the suspect ‘pakcik’ (uncle in Malay) but was told to address him as either ‘abang’ or ‘baby’,” said Subang Jaya OCPD Assistant Commissioner Wan Azlan Wan Mamat. 

However, the staff ignored his request and continued to refer to the man as ‘pakcik’, causing the latter to have a meltdown.

The hot food and drink he threw onto the ground also hit a four-year-old child.

Wan Azlan said that efforts to trace and nab the suspect are underway, and added that the child was uninjured from the incident. 

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