'Don't do it like mum': Dad in skirt shows girls how to avoid wardrobe malfunction

A video of a father in China wearing a skirt trying to teach his daughters how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions has gone viral on mainland social media.

The father from Linyi, in eastern China’s Shandong province, is seen shirtless and dressed in a black skirt, trying to show his two daughters how to crouch down to pick things up in a video published online on Monday (June 6).

“When wearing a skirt in the summer, you should do as dad is showing you now,” the father said. “Fold the skirt with your right hand, then the other side of the skirt with your left hand, put one hand to protect your buttocks before squatting down to pick things up, understand?”


At the end of the video, the father squats with his legs open to demonstrate what not to do and said: “Don’t do it like your mother.”

While the father was filmed demonstrating how to pick up dropped items gracefully, his two daughters are seen next to him following his instructions and laughing.

After the video was widely circulated on the internet, the girls’ mother, surnamed Shi, posted another video two days later on Douyin, China’s TikTok, in which the father explained why he made the first video. He said it was because of an encounter at his work.

“I was dealing with a woman customer for her after-sale issues,” the father said. “She didn’t realise the steel surface of a pot lid she was looking at was reflective like a mirror and consequently had a wardrobe malfunction.”


“I realised then that I needed to teach my two daughters to be conscious of such things, even at a young age.”

Many people commented on both videos, praising the man for being “a good father of the nation.”

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“It’s funny, but this is how girls should be raised when it comes to understanding intimate issues,” one person wrote.

Another joked: “He should first tell the girls that they should not be bare-chested when wearing a skirt.”

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.


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