'Don't hurt your tender hands': Adorable 2-year-old boy doing housework for mother melts hearts on Chinese social media

A story about an adorable two-year-old boy in China who helped his mother with the housework has gone viral on mainland social media.

A video of the Shanghai boy filmed last week shows him explaining in front of the camera that he helps his mother with housework including washing clothes and mopping the floor, Star Video reported.

In the viral video the boy is shown crouched on the floor of the family’s bathroom over a green washtub filled with soapy water and with a T-shirt, a white glove and a washboard in front of him.

The boy then grabs the T-shirt and plunges it into the washtub with a back-and-forth motion as he starts washing.


Not satisfied with just helping with clothes washing, the diligent boy has also learned how to mop floors.

The toddler’s mother said he started learning by watching her work and imitating her as she cleaned, but said she had been surprised to find he is very good at cleaning.

“If I was cooking or washing he would stand to one side and watch me. After watching me a few times, he would give me a hand.” the mother said.

As the video of the boy went viral and his story was picked up by local media, many complimented his well-mannered nature and his family’s good parenting.

One person said: “Smart boy, don’t hurt your tender hands.”

Another commented: “He must love his mum very much.”

“The baby boy is so caring, I can predict how lucky his future wife and mother-in-law would be,” another said.


“I like the mother’s parenting style as she helps him develop his passion,” another commenter wrote.

Awareness of the benefits of permissive parenting style is rising in Chinese society.

Last week, a mother in northeast China and her 20-month-old son distributed 100 gift bags with earplugs and a note asking for forgiveness for any potential noise disturbance by the boy to fellow passengers on a flight.

Late last month, a mother in Hangzhou revealed that her nine-year-old daughter stayed home during the school holidays and cooked her three meals a day to show her love for her mother.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.


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