Driver gets beaten up by passers-by for allegedly causing fatal accident in Malaysia, turns out he has no licence

A truck driver without a licence was beaten up by unhappy passers-by for allegedly causing a fatal accident in Malaysia.

In a statement that was shared on Facebook on Wednesday (Jan 4), the Malaysian police said that the four-vehicle accident happened on New Year’s Eve in Selangor at around 4.30pm.

Preliminary investigation found that the 53-year-old Chinese national, who was driving a Toyota Hilux, made an illegal U-turn at a traffic light intersection, Kuala Langat district police chief Ahmad Ridhwan said.

“At the same time, a car driven by a man behind the Toyota Hilux swerved to the left of the road and hit the motorcycle the victim was riding.”

The 33-year-old motorcyclist was thrown under a trailer and run over by its driver, the police chief Ahmad said, adding that he was later pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Speaking to Malaysian news outlet Sinar Harian, the police chief said: “The Toyota Hilux driver suffered minor injuries as a result of being beaten up by members of the public who were not happy with him.”

A summon was issued against the man for driving without a valid license, the police said, adding that he is also being investigated for causing death due to reckless and dangerous driving.

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