Driver slaps and throws woman to the ground for kicking his car; some netizens say she deserves it

[UPDATED: July 6, 9:43 pm]

The police told AsiaOne that they were alerted to an alleged case of fighting along Beach Road on July 6 at 9.08 am. The police said that investigations are ongoing.

Violence is not the answer to most things, but one driver seemed to think it was after a woman kicked his car. 

In a one-minute clip that was uploaded to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante today (July 6), a woman wearing a black cap could be seen angrily gesticulating and shouting at the driver of a white vehicle.

As the man attempted to drive off, the woman kicked the car.

In retaliation, the driver stopped the car, stormed out, ran towards the woman and slapped her. 

The pair continued to argue and the woman tried to kick the driver who yanked her cap off her head and slapped her hard across the face.

Refusing to concede, the agitated woman kicked the car again, this time at the left side mirror.

Upon seeing this, the driver ran towards her, grabbed her by the hand and swung her around before throwing her onto the ground. Then, he got into the car and drove off. 

Just before he did, the woman sharply pulled back the left side mirror of the car in a last-ditch attempt. 

It is unknown when and where this incident took place although based on the surroundings, it looks like this dispute took place along Minto Road next to Sultan Plaza. 

The video caption said that the driver was from Prime Limousine.

AsiaOne has reached out to Prime Taxi for comment. 

As of the time of writing, the video has garnered over 32,000 views and more than 280 comments. 

Some netizens believe that no matter what the woman said or did, the driver should not have attacked her. 


Others said that the woman deserved what she got and was asking for trouble, with one saying being “a female doesn’t give you the right to do what you did”.


However, there were those who believe that both parties were in the wrong. 


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