Durian parties, gearing up for back to school: What politicians are up to this week

During the trip, the group took in street art, tucked into scrumptious meals, and were also treated to a short performance by Prof Lim himself, who strummed the guitar and crooned to Qing Fei De Yi, an oldie-but-goodie by Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu.

Making sure to use the GRC’s #TeamSengkang social media branding, Prof Lim said he enjoyed connecting in a more informal way with residents and other Singaporeans, who shared with him their thoughts on a wide range of issues from suggestions on municipal improvements to the local political climate and policies of national concern.

He said that as WP’s grassroots activities generally do not receive any external funding, such events also serve to help the party organise future grassroots events.

“We work off a nonprofit model, where whatever mild surpluses we make are plowed right back into the community, as financing for future events,” he said, and thanked party volunteers for making the trip possible.


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