Dylan Wang criticised for seemingly encouraging fans who caused public disturbance

It seemed like a sweet gesture for his fans but locals weren’t too happy about it.

Popular Chinese actor Dylan Wang recently recorded an episode of the variety show Keep Running in Hangzhou with co-stars Bai Lu, Fan Chengcheng and Chen Zhenyuan but residents in the area complained about public disturbance by his fans.

According to media reports, fans of the 25-year-old brought banners to show support on-site and queued up all night, with some allegedly encouraging others to use pepper spray on those who grabbed their spot.

They were also said to have jumped over a railing and hogged a roadside lane, endangering themselves and others.

In an act that was perceived as encouraging their behaviour, Dylan ordered milk tea for those queueing overnight, leaving netizens displeased.

Additionally, unhappy parents of students taking the recent college entrance examinations reportedly wrote in complaints, which led the Keep Running production team to halt on-site fan support activities.

Reports added that Dylan’s fans admitted to queueing overnight but at the same time, claimed that they weren’t a public nuisance.




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