Dyson is updating its range of air purifiers with two new models, including one that eliminates formaldehyde.

The two models are the Purifier Cool and the Purifier Cool Formaldehyde. I think the name tells you much of what’s different about the two but it’s important to talk about the improvements.

General improvements


The design is largely unchanged, which isn’t a bad thing at all given how distinctive they look. You can tell the two apart from the accents – the Purifier Cool Formaldehyde is the only model with gold accents.

One big improvement to these two air purifiers is that the entire machine now meets HEPA H13 standard . In other words, it’s fully sealed. What is captured inside can’t escape.

To achieve this, Dyson created high-pressure seals at 24 critical points to prevent pollutants from escaping the machine and re-entering the room.

The new purifiers are also up to 20 per cent quieter . This was managed through an iterative process at Dyson’s Malaysia Development Centre.

Eventually, the purifier’s airflow path was improved by widening the aperture and tweaking its geometry. Even at maximum fan speed, noise has been brought down from 64dB to 61dB.

Cleaning the air


The two purifiers are capable of removing pollutants as small as PM10 and PM2.5. They can also remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and nitrogen dioxide. And for the Purifier Cool Formaldehyde, it can remove formaldehyde too.

According to Dyson, the new purifiers can remove 99.95per cent of particles as small as 0.1 microns , and they can capture allergens, bacteria, H1N1 virus, pollen, and mould spores.

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Eliminating formaldehyde


The Purifier Cool Formaldehyde has the added capability of removing formaldehyde from the air.

According to Dyson, formaldehyde can come from furniture and wooden products as these can sometimes contain formaldehyde-based resins. They can also come from paint, wallpapers, varnishes, and even household cleaning products.

To do this, the Purifier Cool Formaldehyde has a new solid-state sensor that can precisely detect and measure formaldehyde for the lifetime of the machine. This is a big step up from other models in the market that use gel-based sensors that deteriorate over time.

To eliminate formaldehyde, the Purifier Cool Formaldehyde has a Selective Catalytic Oxidisation filter that traps and destroys formaldehyde, breaking it down into tiny amounts of water and carbon dioxide. The filter self-regenerates using oxygen in the air so it never requires replacing.

Availability and pricing

The Dyson Purifier Cool and Purifier Cool Formaldehyde are both available starting today. The Purifier Cool comes in two colourways: white/silver and black/nickel. It is priced at $899.

The Purifier Cool Formaldehyde also comes in two colourways: white/gold and nickel gold. It is $999.

You can find them at the Dyson online store , the Dyson Flagship Store on Lazada , and at Dyson Demo Stores around the island.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.



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