Easy Ways to Declutter Holiday Decorations

Everyone loves the holiday season. It’s a chance to take time off work and other engagements, to relax with friends and family. Moreover, the parties and the feel-good mood are what make the holidays fun. Whether it is the thanksgiving season, Halloween celebration, or Christmas, you will definitely have some decorations set up. 

While you may be reusing your decorations every year, you may find that with time, your collection grows. This is because you sometimes buy new ones yet you don’t get rid of any old décor. You then end up with an excessive amount of decorations that make your home look congested and messy. Thus, the need to hire junk removal companies like Jiffy Junk.

Dealing with clutter in your home can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. While decluttering your holiday decorations, you could take advantage of this and also get rid of the rest of your junk. Simply organize a removal exercise and free yourself from the stress. This simple junk removal process can equally give you a chance of making your house fresh with a nice deep clean. So how can you pull this off in the easiest way possible?

Get All Your Stuff Out

Picking items to get rid of out of a pile of mess is quite a headache. But it’s better than going around the house picking one thing at a time. You may leave some things meant for disposal still lying around. Your best approach would be to get all your decorations out, including other junk items. 

Once you have a central location in an empty room or space where you can comfortably work, it will be easier. The good thing with this is the fact that you can take as much time as you can. Go through the stuff without creating an obstruction. In addition, having everything set up centrally will help you see the pile of junk for what it is and decide how much goes.

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Pick a Limit of Storage

By now you have probably seen the magnitude of the mess you have to deal with. The next crucial step is picking a limit of storage that you can accommodate. This means giving yourself a limit of how much you can retain. 

For example, if the junk removal gave you a pile equivalent to 8 boxes, you can target to remain with items that can fit into one or two. Alternatively, your storage limit can be in terms of a bin or storage locker capacity. This will depend on the amount of space you have and your storage options.

Sort Through and Choose What to Retain

Once you have a storage limit in mind, it’s time to get empty boxes, bins, or bags. This is to help you sort out the junk. Start with the broken or non-functional items and dump them in a bin. Next, pick out what you definitely feel like retaining and put them in a box or corner. Then you will remain with what you may not be sure of.  

These you can keep in another corner. You then start over the sorting process among the things you are not sure of and divide them further. For the items you intend to reuse, you can put them together with the first items you intended to retain. Then those that are not really helping much or are non-functional, outdated, or boring, dump into the bin for disposal.

Do a Final Sort

You have now remained with two piles; what to retain and what to dispose of. Since you already picked a storage limit, it will be easy for you to do the final sort. Go back to the items you intend to keep and sort through once more. 

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This time has an open mind and set aside what you really need and are functional. Any item that gives you the “to keep or not to keep” vibe goes to the disposal bin. Make sure that what you want to retain doesn’t exceed your storage limit. It could be a box or two, or space equivalent to your storage locker.

The next thing you should do is now go through what you intend to dispose of. Sort them according to their condition. Since you were getting your décor and every other junk out of place during junk removal, check again just in case. 

In the process of removing your decorations and other junk, you may have removed items that are not necessarily meant for disposal. Go through once more setting aside items in good condition, those that are non-functional in another pile with the broken ones.

Choose Your Means of Junk Removal

You now have two piles left. Items that are in good condition and those that are broken or non-functional. It’s time to choose your means of disposal. Junk removal doesn’t always mean throwing away junk, you can always donate or sell if you are not considering recycling. 

For your two heaps of junk, you can toss the broken or non-functional ones in a dumpster. This you can leave in your driveway for the dumpster services to haul away or you can take them to the local waste center if they are accepted. 

For the items in good condition, you could donate them to other families, to churches, homeless shelters, or charities to help the needy. Alternatively, you can sell them off cheaply online or through a yard sale.

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Final Thoughts

While getting your holiday decorations out of the way, you could score extra points if you also do junk removal in the process. Your house will be free of clutter and unnecessary items filling up the place, creating a mess. Everyone loves being in a home that gives them the peace of mind they really need, to focus on other activities that need their attention. Such a home should be in good condition, clean, and organized so that you can enjoy everything it has to offer.

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