Education sector endorsers from Bollywood

Stars with credibility are Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana to plug products

The massive Indian educational sector’s publicity hinges on one thing – credibility. The industry picks celebrities as endorsers only if their credibility with the public is established. The three celebrities currently endorsing the education sector are Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana.

“Education as a sector is built on trust. The sector is extremely careful about who endorses it, because the person needs to be respected for his/her value system and credibility, should be immensely trusted and people should have faith in them and their work,” says a brand expert.


 “SRK has been a reigning superstar. Ranveer’s body of work has shaped the content landscape in India. Ayushmann’s taboo-breaking social entertainers have sparked social conversations to better our country. He is also one of TIME magazine’s picks as ‘the most influential people in the world today’” adds the expert.


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