Eerie black ring spotted in Singapore’s skies (Video)

A mysterious black ring floating in the skies was caught in videos posted last night.

Agnes Seah turned to the ​​Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook group to look for answers on what the sizable oval-shaped ring spotted in Sentosa might be. 

“I saw this black ring flying in the sky above Sentosa. Any idea what could this be? Birds migratory?” she wrote.

It was also reported at the same location in 2017.

So what could it be? Here are a couple of theories commenters came up with and our attempt to debunk them.


Photo: Danny Green/2020Vision

While at first glance, one might think that they are birds stunting in an impeccable formation, the flock usually bands together in more clustered groups rather than spread out while migrating.

Air pollution

This would have been an easy guess, given the daily harmful emissions from vehicles, power and chemical plants. But air pollution would result in smoky, hazy skies rather than in a concentrated circle. Also, according to our air quality index, we have been “good” for the past few days.


Photo: BBC News

It’s about time we got clear footage of the extraterrestrial but until we can prove they aren’t from planet Earth, we’ll never know what alien form they will appear to us as.

The Ring

U ok, Sadako?

Portal to hell



While the above theories are far more interesting, the black ring is most likely just smoke caused by fireworks testing for Sentosa’s Wings of Time pyrotechnics show that goes on every evening. 

This Burning Man dude shows you how the small combustion of explosion is made.

Let us know if you have more theories of your own – we take our conspiracy theories really seriously.

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