Discoloured water was found in Sungai Gong and traced to an IWK plant in Rawang, the Selangor water board said. (Bernama pic)

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor water management boart (LUAS) has confirmed receiving a report on the discolouration of water in Sungai Gong, Rawang at about 12.11pm today.

However, none of the water treatment plants in the state were shut down or affected by the incident.

LUAS said investigations found that the discharge of the foamy and coloured effluent was from an Indah Water Konsortium sewage treatment plant in Rawang. IWK has stopped the discharge and closed the incoming pump.

Investigations conducted at the Drainage and Irrigation Department inlet found there was no smell coming from the black coloured water, with the discolouration suspected to have been caused by dyes.

An investigation at the river monitoring station in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, also did not find any smell or traces of oil in the water.

Further checks along Sungai Sembah, however, found no smell or discolouration in the tributary of Sungai Selangor, and LUAS said it would be monitoring the situation closely.


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