'Either you leave my bed or you take off your clothes': Former 5566 member Sam Wang doesn't let people lie on his bed with clothes on

Sam Wang’s home isn’t Rome, but you’ll have to do as he does if you want to sit on his bed — even if that means showing more skin than you’re used to.

On an episode of Taiwanese variety show Chop Chop Show, Sam, who was part of Taiwanese boyband 5566, revealed his strict bedside manners, which require guests to take off their clothes if they want to lie or sit on his bed.

It may sound strange but the 45-year-old actor and singer is just very particular about the cleanliness of his bed.

Recalled Sam: “[A love interest] wanted to come over to look at my home decor. [She] took one look at my bed and told me, ‘Wow, your bed looks so comfy!’ and made to get on it, when I very sternly objected to her attempt.

“She was a little taken aback by that, to which I explained that I sleep naked in my own bed. I must have taken a shower or changed into sleepwear before I allow myself on my bed.”

Sam added that he doesn’t allow anyone wearing clothes meant for going outdoors to get on his bed.

Said Sam: “I told her, ‘There are only two ways to resolve this problem: Either you leave my bed or you take off your clothes.'”


The hosts Melody and WIlliam Shen were surprised by this, with Melody even jokingly saying: “How perverted!”

Mid-laughter, Sam explained that the guest would later understand his reason.

Host William then asked: “So you’re particular about it for women, but what about for men?”

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Sam replied: “For men, I usually wouldn’t let them enter my bedroom.”

And while Sam doesn’t want others sitting around on his bed, he still allows himself to get on beds belonging to other people.

“That’s because my clothes are extremely clean,” Sam said.

‘To think you were a spoiled mummy’s boy!’

Responding to complaints of double standards by the other guests of the show, he elaborated on why he is confident that his clothes are clean.

“From birth even up till today, only one person has ever washed my clothes. This person has washed my clothes for almost 50 years now — she’s my mother.”

Everyone present on the show was stunned by his revelation.


Host Melody said: “Even till today, your mother is still cleaning your clothes for you? Sam, you’re such a mummy’s boy!”

William remarked: “To think you were a spoiled mummy’s boy!”

Melody also had a sudden moment of realisation and deduced why Sam was still single to this day.

“No wonder, I keep thinking about why you’re single, you’re good looking and you’re famous to boot,” she exclaimed.

But Sam also clarified the reason for his reliance on his mother.

“In the past, my mother and father would offer to wash clothes or bring me food as excuses to come visit me,” he said.

Amid interjections from hosts and co-stars, Sam added: “I was really busy in the past so there wasn’t really any opportunity [for them to visit].”

He also said: “I wanted to buy a washing machine [but couldn’t]… so my mother would take my clothes back to her home to wash.”

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Pointing out problems with this, Melody felt that Sam would find it very difficult to find a suitable partner in the future who would be able to take care of all his needs.

“All the women in the world cannot hold a candle to a mother’s skills,” Melody said.

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