Elderly man falls after cycling into gantry barrier; gets called out by netizens

A day out on his bicycle did not go as planned for an elderly man after he was knocked down by a gantry barrier.

On Friday (Nov 26), a video of the incident was uploaded on Facebook. It has since received 25,000 views and 100 comments.

The short clip showed a white van and another cyclist exiting a car park as the gantry barrier ascended. Both of them made their way through.

However, the elderly man was less fortunate and ended up being clotheslined by the barrier as it descended. He then fell off his bicycle and the video cuts as the man was trying to get back up on his feet.

The exact date and time of the incident are unknown.

While the video caption was rather sympathetic, some netizens in the comments section felt that the cyclist should also be blamed for being on the road in the first place and they did not hold back with their opinions.



These negative and insensitive reactions left one netizen feeling flabbergasted.


In October, a similar incident occurred in Bukit Panjang where a man was hit in the head by a gantry barrier as he ‘tailgated’ a car out the carpark. 

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