Elderly man smashes glass display case at Jurong tailor shop over 'too deep' pockets

Having deep pockets is usually a good thing. Or is it not?

Angered that a tailor did not alter his pants to his specification, an elderly man threw a fit at the tailor shop, smashing a glass display case in the process.

The 68-year-old man, surnamed Rong, had gone to the shop to pick up a pair of trousers from a tailor at Block 492 Jurong West Street 41 on Friday (July 8) afternoon, reported Shin Min Daily News.

However, he was dissatisfied with the tailor’s workmanship and claimed that the pockets were too deep. 

Aggravated during his exchange with the tailor, the elderly man smashed the glass display case at the shop. According to the Chinese evening daily, Rong was the one who had tipped off the paper regarding the incident. 

When asked about what happened, the owner of the shop — a 74-year-old woman surnamed Zheng — said that Rong had brought his trousers to her shop on Wednesday and asked her to extend the pocket’s depth by three inches. 

However, according to Zheng, another woman came by the shop the following day and asked for Rong’s trouser pockets to be extended by six inches instead. 

Zheng then altered the trousers according to the latter’s instruction, which caused Rong to throw a fit after seeing the finished product. 

“He kept scolding me, asking me why I made his trousers so ugly,” Zheng told reporters. She added that this was her first time encountering such a customer in her 26 years of business. 

Wanting to give the enraged customer time to cool down, the elderly woman was about to excuse herself to the washroom when she heard the sound of glass breaking. 

When confronted by Zheng, Rong showed little remorse and remarked: “I’ll just pay for the damage.” 

Zheng eventually called her husband as well as the police to resolve the dispute. She added that the police spent three to four hours at the shop investigating the incident, causing her business to be disrupted.

When contacted, a police spokesperson told AsiaOne they were alerted to a case of mischief at about 4.15pm on Friday. No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.

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